# Typesense v0.12.0

This section of the documentation is for v0.12.0. Please use the version dropdown in the Navbar to switch to other versions.

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The documentation is divided into the following sections:

# What's new

This is a major release packed with multiple new features and a few bug fixes.

Feature: Raft-based clustering for high write+read availability. We also deprecate the read-only replication feature supported via the --master argument.

Feature: Ability to Curate / Merchandize search results is now available in the open source version, via the Overrides feature.

Feature: Ability to create Aliases for collections is now available in the open source version.

Feature: Allow the maximum number of results returned to be configurable via the max_hits parameter. Previously only the top 500 results were returned.

Feature: Facet search: facet values that are returned can now be filtered via the facet_query parameter. The matching facet text is also highlighted.

Feature: Allow integer and float values to be facetable.

Feature: Facet stats such as min/max/avg are computed for numerical facet fields.

Feature: Allow fields to be marked as optional in the schema.

Feature: Expose typo_tokens_threshold parameter: If the number of results found for a specific query is less than this number, Typesense will attempt to look for tokens with more typos until enough results are found. Previously, this was hard-coded to 100.

Feature: The underlying string similarity score is exposed as _text_match and can be used as a sorting field parameter.

Security: Enforce API key authentication always for search end-point. Previously, search endpoint was open unless a search-only API key was explicitly defined.

Bug-fix: Ensure that float fields defined as a sorting field accepted integer values.

Bug-fix: Fixed an edge case that resulted in incomplete deletion of string array values when a document is deleted.

Others: Adopted GPL v3 license.

Last Updated: 6/14/2021, 5:46:29 PM