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Craft delightful search-as-you-type experiences with Typesense.

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for performance & ease of use.


Features you love, minus the complexity

Neatly wrapped in RESTful API
Typo Tolerance

Spellng Mistakes? Not a problem. Typesense automatically tries to correct typos.

Tunable Ranking

Tailor your results to perfection via flexible and fast query-time sorting.

Result Pinning

Pin specific records in a particular position to feature or merchandize them.


Show results for pants when users search for trousers, or vice-versa, when you define them as synonyms.

Multi-tenant API Keys

Store multiple users’ data in a single index, create API keys for each user that restrict access to just their data.

Dynamic Sorting

Sort records on the fly by any fields in your document. For eg: sort by price, sort by popularity, etc. No duplicate indices needed.

Grouping & Distinct

Provide more varietry in your results by grouping results. Eg: combine all color variations of a shirt into a single result.

Filtering & Faceting

Only fetch records that match a given filter. Aggregate field values and get counts, min, max and avg of values across records.

Federated Search

Search one or more collections in a single query. Eg: search for both products and brands, given a single search query.

Easy High Availability

Build a resilient production-grade search service, with a few simple steps.

Easy Version Upgrades

Replace the binary, and restart the process. Typesense will automatically re-index your data in the new version.


A simple and straight-forward RESTful API, that you’ll understand without having to pore over the docs.


The Open Source Algolia Alternative
The Easier To Use ElasticSearch Alternative

Algolia vs ElasticSearch vs Typesense vs Meilisearch Our Mission
Typesense - Typo tolerant, delightfully simple, open source search 🔍 | Product Hunt
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Batteries-Included Developer Experience

Zero to Instant-Search, in 30 seconds 🚀

1. Run Typesense

Use Docker, our native binaries or our RPM or DEB packages.
Or, use Typesense Cloud to provision a cluster with a few clicks.

2. Index Data

Create a collection, then add some documents to it.

And, that's it! Search away.

You now have a typo-tolerant, search server you can send search queries to.

API Libraries in your Favorite Languages

And if you don't find a library, reach out to us to collab on one
javascript golang php ruby python

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Compose Powerful Search & Discovery User Interfaces, quickly.

InstantSearch.js + Typesense UI Adapter = Awesomeness

Backed by responsive support

Let us help you build a scalable and robust search experience

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We also offer Concierge Onboarding and Prioritized Support, for when you need it.