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Craft delightful search-as-you-type experiences with Typesense.

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for performance & ease of use.


Features you love, minus the complexity

Neatly wrapped in RESTful API
Typo Tolerance

Spellng Mistakes? Not a problem. Typesense automatically tries to correct typos.

Tunable Ranking

Tailor your results to perfection via flexible and fast query-time sorting.

Result Pinning

Pin specific records in a particular position to feature or merchandize them.


Show results for pants when users search for trousers, or vice-versa, when you define them as synonyms.

Multi-tenant API Keys

Store multiple users’ data in a single index, create API keys for each user that restrict access to just their data.

Dynamic Sorting

Sort records on the fly by any fields in your document. For eg: sort by price, sort by popularity, etc. No duplicate indices needed.

Grouping & Distinct

Provide more varietry in your results by grouping results. Eg: combine all color variations of a shirt into a single result.

Filtering & Faceting

Only fetch records that match a given filter. Aggregate field values and get counts, min, max and avg of values across records.

Federated Search

Search one or more collections in a single query. Eg: search for both products and brands, given a single search query.

Easy High Availability

Build a resilient production-grade search service, with a few simple steps.

Easy Version Upgrades

Replace the binary, and restart the process. Typesense will automatically re-index your data in the new version.


A simple and straight-forward RESTful API, that you’ll understand without having to pore over the docs.


The Open Source Algolia Alternative
The Easier To Use ElasticSearch Alternative

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Batteries-Included Developer Experience

Zero to Instant-Search, in 30 seconds 🚀

1. Run Typesense

Use Docker, our native binaries or our RPM or DEB packages.
Or, use Typesense Cloud to provision a cluster with a few clicks.

2. Index Data

Create a collection, then add some documents to it.

And, that's it! Search away.

You now have a typo-tolerant, search server you can send search queries to.

API Libraries in your Favorite Languages

And if you don't find a library, reach out to us to collab on one
javascript golang php ruby python

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Compose Powerful Search & Discovery User Interfaces, quickly.

InstantSearch.js + Typesense UI Adapter = Awesomeness

Backed by responsive support

Let us help you build a scalable and robust search experience

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We also offer Concierge Onboarding and Prioritized Support, for when you need it.