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Lightning Fast,
Open Source Search
for Everyone.

Craft delightful search-as-you-type experiences with Typesense.
Meticulously engineered for performance & ease of use.

Designed for performance and developer productivity.

Typesense has been built from scratch to offer a delightful, out-of-the-box search experience.

From instant search, to auto-suggest, faceted search & fuzzy search, Typesense has got you covered.

⚡ See more live demos with 32M songs, 28M books and 2M recipes.

Typo tolerant

Maek mistaeks while typing? Typesense has got your back!

Easy ranking

Tailor your search relevance to perfection.

Blazing fast

Meticulously designed and optimized for speed.

Simply delightful

RESTful API and delightful out-of-the-box experience.

Facets & filters

Allows you to drill-down and deep dive into the results.

Easy HA

It's trivial to add more nodes for high availability.

See full list of features on Github.
See comparison with alternatives here.
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