# Typesense v0.15.0

This section of the documentation is for v0.15.0. Please use the version dropdown in the Navbar to switch to other versions.

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The documentation is divided into the following sections:

# What's new

This release contains several new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Performance Improvements

  • Adopted jemalloc: we're now using jemalloc as the memory allocator. In our tests, jemalloc showed significantly better performance and lower memory fragmentation.
  • Streaming import: You can now safely import large number of documents into Typesense without a drastic impact on search latency. We've also changed the output format of the import end-point: the response will now be in JSON lines rather than as a full-fledged JSON document.
  • Significant performance improvement in wildcard queries and faceting involving array fields.


  • Allow default sorting field to be an int64.
  • Ensured that the server returns a 503 response when it is still catching up on the writes from the leader. This threshold can be controlled by the --catch-up-threshold-percentage argument (default: 95).
  • Data snapshot interval can now be customized by the --snapshot-interval-seconds argument (default: 3600).
  • Metrics API: we've added a /metrics.json end-point that returns CPU, storage and memory metrics.
  • Exact filtering on string field: It's now possible to match a facet-enabled string field exactly in the filter query by using the := operator.

Bug Fixes

  • Clustering improvements: We've fixed a number of performance issues and edge cases by extensively benchmarking the clustering implementation via multi-region deployments.
  • Fixed a race condition that sometimes prevented a Typesense node from recognizing custom generated API keys.
  • Fixed an edge case in text match score calculation that caused relevancy issues on long queries.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when an int32 field was filtered by a number exceeding the range of a valid int32 value.
Last Updated: 6/14/2021, 5:46:29 PM