# Typesense v0.18.0

This section of the documentation is for v0.18.0. Please use the version dropdown in the Navbar to switch to other versions.

To learn more about Typesense, visit the non-version specific section of the documentation here.

The documentation is divided into the following sections:

# What's new

This release contains a few new features and important bug fixes.

# New Features

  • Support for query synonyms.
  • Better search relevance when searching across multiple fields: addressed some edge cases in multi-field queries.
  • Ability to assign custom weights to each field being queried upon.
  • Total documents in a collection is now returned in every response via the out_of key.
  • Exclusion operator - for excluding individual query tokens from results.
  • Vote API for triggering rotation of leader.
  • On-demand snapshot API: allows you to create a backup with a single API call.
  • Support for expiry of API keys
  • Support regexp for defining allowed collection names of an API key.
  • Support operators in multi-valued numerical filter.
  • Support bulk imports of upto 3 GB in POST body.

# Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an edge case in fuzzy search that missed some tokens during exact searches.
  • Prefix matches are assigned lesser importance than exact matches.
  • Debug end-point is now available even when node is not ready to serve searches.
  • Fixed >= operator not working well with negative values.
  • Fixed non-ascii characters not encoded properly in highlight snippet.
  • Fixed issue where duplicate results were returned across pages.
  • Fixed issue with pinned results being duplicated.

# Performance Improvements

  • Faster snapshot transfer and copy in multi-regional clusters.
  • Speed up filters on numerical fields.
Last Updated: 6/14/2021, 5:46:29 PM