# Typesense API Reference for v0.20.0

This section of the documentation details all the API Endpoints available in Typesense and all the parameters you can use with them.

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To learn how to install and run Typesense, see the Guide section instead.

# What's new

This release contains new features, performance improvements and important bug fixes.

# New Features

  • Auto schema detection: you can now index documents without a pre-defined schema
  • Data validation during indexing: configure Typesense to coerce, reject or drop bad values
  • Concurrency improvements: utilize all CPU cores and scale to hundreds of thousands of collections

# Enhancements

  • Default sorting field is now optional: when not present, text match score and insertion order are used
  • Allow custom key value to be provided during creation of API keys (opens new window)
  • Faster parallel loading of collections on cold start
  • Ensure that all queried fields are highlighted in search response
  • Reduction in memory consumption of facet fields
  • Validate SSL certificate and key before loading SSL certs from disk

# Bug Fixes

# Deprecations

  • The catch-up-min-sequence-diff and catch-up-threshold-percentage flags that are used for determining the catch up status of a follower, are replaced with healthy-read-lag and healthy-write-lag flags.


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Last Updated: 1/17/2022, 12:01:47 PM