# Typesense API Reference for v0.21.0

This section of the documentation details all the API Endpoints available in Typesense and all the parameters you can use with them.

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# What's new

This release contains new features, performance improvements and important bug fixes.

# New Features

  • Geosearch: Use the geopoint data type to index locations, filter and sort on them. We support filtering on records within a given radius and as well as within any arbitrarily defined geo polygon.
  • Wrap literal strings in filter_by values using backticks to ensure that the commas in filter values don't get parsed as a list separator. Example: filter_by: primary_artist_name:=[`Apple, Inc.`]
  • Support exclude / not equals operator for filtering string and boolean facets. Example: filter_by=author:!= JK Rowling
  • Ability to turn off prefix search on a per field basis. For example, if you are querying 3 fields and want to enable prefix searching only on the first field, use ?prefix=true,false,false. The order should match the order in query_by.
  • Ability to turn off typo tolerance on a per field basis. For example, if you are querying 3 fields and want to disable typo tolerance on the first field, use ?num_typos=0,2,2. The order should match the order in query_by.
  • You can now highlight fields that you don't query for. Use ?highlight_fields=title to specify a custom list of fields that should be highlighted.
  • Add filter_by, include_fields and exclude_fields options to documents/export endpoint.

# Enhancements

  • Increased maximum supported length of HTTP query string to 4K characters: if you wish to send larger payloads, use the multi-search end-point.
  • Accept null values for optional fields (opens new window).
  • Support for indexing pre-segmented text: you can now index content from any logographic language into Typesense if you are able to segment / split the text into space-separated words yourself before indexing and querying. You should also set ?pre_segmented_query=true during searching.
  • If you have some overrides defined but want to disable all of them during query time, you can now do that by setting ?enable_overrides=false.

# Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some edge cases with typo correction not finding the correct matches
  • Ensure that exact matches are ranked above others (opens new window). Set ?prioritize_exact_match=false to disable this behavior.
  • Fixed collections:* API key permission which was not previously being recognized by the authentication engine.
  • Fixed float facets being displayed with imprecise precision when displayed as string.

# Deprecations

  • There is a change in the upsert behavior to conform to existing popular conventions: The upsert action now requires the whole document to be sent for indexing. If you wish to update part of a document, use the update action.


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Last Updated: 12/10/2021, 11:58:18 PM