# Authentication

You'd need one or more hostnames and API keys to integrate with Typesense.

If you're self-hosting Typesense, the hostnames are the IP addresses or DNS names of each of your Typesense nodes. If you're using Typesense Cloud, we generate unique hostnames for each of your nodes and show them on the dashboard for you to use.

# Search Delivery Network

On Typesense Cloud, you can turn ON a setting called Search Delivery Network and choose a set of geographic regions that you'd like each of your Typesense nodes to be deployed to. The advantage of this setup is that you can then have the node that's closest to your users serve the search query, which reduces latency and keeps your search experience consistently fast for your users spread across geographic regions.

You'll be a given a special hostname called the Nearest Node hostname when you turn this setting on for your cluster. You'd then need to configure your clients to use this hostname:

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