# Federated / Multi Search

You can send multiple search requests in a single HTTP request, using the Multi-Search feature. This is especially useful to avoid round-trip network latencies incurred otherwise if each of these requests are sent in separate HTTP requests.

You can also use this feature to do a federated search across multiple collections in a single HTTP request. For eg: in an ecommerce products dataset, you can show results from both a "products" collection, and a "brands" collection to the user, by searching them in parallel with a multi_search request.

Sample Response


POST ${TYPESENSE_HOST}/multi_search

# multi_search Parameters

You can use any of the Search Parameters here for each individual search operation within a multi_search request.

In addition, you can use the following parameters with multi_search requests:

Parameter Required Description
limit_multi_searches no Max number of search requests that can be sent in a multi-search request. Eg: 20

Default: 50

You'd typically want to generate a scoped API key with this parameter embedded and use that API key to perform the search, so it's automatically applied and can't be changed at search time.


The results array in a multi_search response is guaranteed to be in the same order as the queries you send in the searches array in your request.

Last Updated: 7/7/2022, 8:50:33 AM